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Cop killer resisted arrest...shot 68 times

The ED-209 says drop your weapon

A cop killer in Miami was apprehended by the SWAT team. Amazingly he resisted arrest for 67 bullets with the 68th putting him down. Although I like to post about when cops abuse their power(bully/crooked cops), I have absolutely NO problem with the consistent treatment of cop killers (the Providence police know how to deal with them too). The best part about this case was a comment by Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, "That’s all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more.”

Word to crooks...don't kill cops.
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Angry with cop's doing their jobs!? Here's your website

Made by Cops, FOR cops

I give you the website for cops to complain about other cops that gave them tickets.

If you are a police officer, trooper, etc... that has been disrespected or insulted by another police agency (officer) by not receiving some sort of professional courtesy (aka...he did his job and ticketed you for parking illegally, caught you speeding, etc), please email with the information.
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More police corruption - St. George Police stalking the guy that caught one of their own threatening him

Bad Cops! Bad Cops!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about Brent Darrow, who used his dash-mounted video camera to catch a corrupt cop threaten to make up charges against him? It turns out the cop's name is Sergeant James Kuehnlein.

Well, he got fired as a result of that incident and his brother cops aren't happy about it. They are now staking out Brent's house and neighborhood. I guess they forgot that he has a camera in his car because he caught them running away.

Let me once again reiterate that I think that most cops do a great service to our respective communities and these corrupt, bullying, bad apples give all GOOD cops BAD names.
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Okay...It is time for crooked police officers to lose their certifications...

99% of Cops are good public servants. Although they may piss you off when they catch you speeding, they are just doing it to keep the roads safe. But then there are cops like Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Daniel Martin who goes apeshit on an EMT for not pulling over fast enough...

See how he pulls up the ambulance's ass? Did you see the car on the shoulder that prevented the ambulance from immediately pulling over? Here's a view from the camera of son of the lady INSIDE THE AMBULANCE being taken to the hospital (she eventually arrived and was released).

Ok. Just like all the other posts in Bad Cops, this cop MAY lose his job. Do you know what he will do? He will go become a police officer somewhere else. When it comes to gross abuse of powers as shown in videos like this and in the rest of the Bad Cops category, these cops should lose their certifications and NEVER BE ALLOWED to be cops again. Just like a lawyer losing his license to practice law, crooked cops should never be allowed to be cops again.
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12 year old black girl arrested for assaulting police who tried to kidnap arrest her for prostitution

Must be a dangerous criminal...

So here's the background. Following up on a tip of 3 white prostitutes in the area, Galveston police saw 12-year-old Dymond Milburn, who is black, in her front yard. Clearly matching the description of a "white prostitute," the cops attempted to arrest her. She then proceeded to dangerously grab a tree, scream for her father, and assaulted narcotics officer, David Roark, (and his flashlight apparently) with her face, eyes, throat and ear drums. Fortunately for them, her face, eyes, throat and ear drums took the majority of the damage and she was hospitalized.

She is now charged with assaulting a police officer. That's some fine police brutality, Lou. Bad Cops just barely beat Shady Law out on this one (the prosecutor's office is clearly in bed with the crooked police department).
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You can defend yourself from crooked cops in your own home

Since I am in the process of buying a home, I have been looking into homeowner rights. I found this story: a guy in Florida heard a scream in his garage and saw two cops arresting his wife. He proceeded to kick the shit out of them with their own taser gun and was later arrested for assaulting police. A judge aquitted him on all but one charge (you can't take a cop's weapon from him) because the cops had no right to be in the house (no warrant, no just cause). For the charge he WAS found guilty on, he was let off with time served (8 days).

Remember, your house is you castle.
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Pro Tip - Cops don't have the authority to fondle your breasts so that you lactate.

Now you know

This is one for the books. Allegedly, Orlando Police Officer Brandon R. Loverde force Rachelle Cortez to sit on the ground while he reached into her shirt and fondled her breasts so that she would lactate on him. I guess there are limits to police powers.
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Columbia, Missouri SWAT shoots two dogs over a misdemeanor amount of pot

Warning: This video will make your blood boil

The Columbia, Missouri Police Department raided the house of Jonathan Whitworth and in the process, shot both of his dogs (killing one of them). They charged him with a misdemeanor for the few ounces of pot and child endangerment for having the pot. I guess shooting dogs in front of his kid is not child endangerment.

I am so glad they locked up another dangerous stoner. /sarcasm off
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Faced with voicemail, home address, name and picture evidence...Phila Police don't want to act?

DUhh...I want da cash for da mAC!

So the owner of McFearsome had his house broken into in which he had his tv, macbook and xbox 360 stolen. He reported it to the local cops who really weren't interested. Then he found the local pawn shop to which someone tried to sell the macbook and got PICTURES of the kid (seen above). The cops told him to call during the workweek. Then he bought a new xbox 360 and found that someone left him a voicemail bragging that he had stolen his stuff and that he could pay to get it back. Because they used an xbox live account, he had all the kid's contact information AND a voicemail confessing to the crime. He called the Philadelphia cops again...and they hung up on him.

Here is the owner's website.
HERE is a much more interesting link to people from the blogosphere harassing the kid into pleading with the owner for them to stop.

Now that it is Monday and this being a slam dunk case, maybe the Philadelphia Police will make this a happy ending so that I will change the category of this post.

Update: Faced with the overwhelming majority of their work being done for them by the internet, Philadelphia Police have started to do their job. The kid who sent the voicemail has returned the Xbox.
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The MA State Police don't like it when you video tape arrests, either

The video below is actually pretty dumb. It is a video of the arrest of some guy who probably threatened to kill someone at a bar the night before (he is charged with "Threat to commit a crime"...which itself begs the question if I were to threaten to threaten to kill someone, would I be in violation?).

What makes this blog-worthy is the fact that a cease and desist order was obtained by the MA State Police to stop the video from being spread over the net (they also threatened websites for just LINKING to the original). As far as I can tell, the police in the video were polite and professional so they should be proud of this footage. But apparently they have something to hide. I guess the only people allowed to video tape cops would be the cameramen from "COPS."

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Canadian Police Corruption


At a recent summit in Canada, Mounties posed as protesters and tried to incite violence in order to allow the police to crack some skulls. Too bad they were found out by real protesters. After all was said and done, 4 people were arrested. The 3 "protesters" arrested in this video? Nope. They weren't arrested and the Mounties don't seem to know anything about them.

Canadian Police HAVE admitted that the three instigators were actually undercover police. They still deny that they were there to instigate violence. Why did the peaceful, undercover have a rock in his hand?

Update 2: According to a press release, the Quebec police say the cops were located by the mob when they (the undercover cops) refused to launch projectiles(here is the original french version). Watch the video to see the truth.
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Don't get arrested in Cookeville, TN or you'll be sorry...

Bad Cops!

Welcome to the newest category! Bad Cops! I have said many times over that I think that the VAST majority of cops do a wonderful job day in and day out. Then there are assholes like this guy: caught on his own dashmounted camera, planting marijuana on a guy.

BTW - Although I have a lot of articles about shitty cops in Massachusetts, the fact that they are FROM the dim state of MA trumps the fact that they are bad cops.

Update - Thanks to Michelle from Tennessee for notifying me of the latest news that the cop was vindicated of all offenses.
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In Indiana, cops can force a tube up your wee wee without any real evidence!


Indiana Police Officer Brian Miller pulled over Jamie Lockard under suspicion of DUI. Although he passed the breathalizer, Brian didn't like him so he arrested detained Jamie, took him to a hospital and forced him to give a urine sample. How do you force someone to give a urine sample? Well you don't do it by running the bathroom faucet.

Oh yeah...he passed that test too so the good officer charged him with obstruction of justice for not having a blood alcohol content over the legal limit...or something like that.

Attention good cops! Get rid of these BAD cops and you won't get grouped in with Bullies like Brian Miller.
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Don't arrest a relative of a Venice, FL Policeman if you know what's good for ya...

Loyalty, above all else <s>except honor</s>)%</div></a><br />
So here's what happened.  Venice <span class="highlight">Police</span> officer Michael Frassetti arrested Joshua Rose for drunk driving on May 28, 2008.  Joshua Rose's uncle/cousin (it is somehow unclear) is Lieutenant Mike Rose...Frassetti's immediate supervisor.  On June 4, <a href="">Lieutenant Mike Rose informed officer Michael Frassetti that he was under investigation for deleting <span class="highlight">police</span> files</a>.  Turns out that while said files are missing, the IT system of the Venice PD is so bad that often files are screwed up or deleted quite often...but that doesn't stop the prosecution of what appears to be a good cop.<br />
<br />
So the moral of the story here is that there are a few <span class="highlight">police</span> that are corrupt that will lie and cheat to get their way.  In doing this, they make ALL <span class="highlight">police</span> look corrupt.  Maybe the <span class="highlight">police</span> should kick the bad <span class="highlight">cops</span> out?<br />
<br />
<b>Update:</b> <a href="">Part 2 of the investigation</a>

Bored Colorado SWAT team raids family home to rescue kid with a bump on his head...

Medical emergency...bump on head!

Possibly in an attempt to justify their bloated budget, New Castle, Colorado SWAT team raided a home in the middle of the night because of a report that a kid bumped his head. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctor recommended that the kid continue his parents treatment and drink water, take a tylenol and put ice on the bruise. Garfield County Department of Social Services caseworkers admitted the injury may not have been as severe as they claimed to the judge when seeking the order for treatment.
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Don't try to complain about the Police in Missouri


Most of the police I have met are good guys looking to help protect us. A few of them are just bullies. This video is an example of the few cops that give the good ones a bad name. Curtesy of
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Cops in New York really hate bicyclers and photographers


Good ways to get arrested in NY include riding a bicycle and taking photographs of the police. But if you REALLY want to piss off NYPD cops like Sgt. Timothy Horhoe (the leader of this Gestapo action), refuse to surrender your Constitutional right protecting unlawful search and seizure and don't show them your identification.

Watch the 12 minute video documenting the violations.
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Never do anything in Chicago...or their cops will shoot you

Bad Cops!  Bad Cops!

In Chicago, it appears that cops can shoot anyone for any reason as they shoot 1 person every 10 days. Doesn't matter whether or not the victims are involved in a crime or not (or can walk or not).

Update: Chicago Cops will shoot you whether they are on-duty or off-duty (part 2 of the article).
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Rochester, MN police will ticket you for driving under the speed-limit

4 MPH under the speed limit?  That's a ticket!

Although the locals have posted a speed limit of 30 MPH, the state Department of Transportation set the speed limit to 40 MPH over 35 years ago. While the state law trumps the local speed limit, local cops don't care. Even though every sub-40 MPH speeding ticket will be thrown out of court, local cops vowed to keep extorting invalidly stopping and fining local drivers.
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New reality show goes after crooked cops


Let me repeat myself for the zillionth time. The vast majority of cops are good cops and their sacrifices are tarnished by a small minority of bad cops. That said, there should be no mercy with respect to bringing down those bad cops.

Kopbusters is a reality show that sets up cops to see if they break the law. Here is a link to the video of them violating the 4th amendment by searching a house growing two christmas trees.
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Shoe-wielding Ladyboys chase Cops down the street in Peru


Sure, the US has its share of corrupt cops but at least our cops don't run Benny Hill style away from Transvestite hookers. Someone please get Kristina to translate this in the comments section.
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UCLA student tasered by campus police


This is a very, very disturbing video. Unfortunately it is easy to jump to a judgement on this one. A student, who's name is ironically Mostafa Tabatabainejad, failed to show id at the campus library and was asked to leave. He refused. The id checker (who is probably another student or an old lady) called campus police and by the time they got there, he had his backpack on and was trying to leave the library. They officers tried to grab his arm (perhaps to escort him out?) at which he yelled, rather girlishly, "GET OFF OF ME!" (I say girlishly because they didn't really do anything to him so far). At that point they tasered him. Personally I think that taser was WAY out of line. But then they tried to get him to stand up and walk out and he refused. So they tasered him again and again until finally he walks out with them. All during this, students are yelling at the cops who were probably scared there would be some sort of riot (unfounded students of today are pussies compared to the college students of the 60s).

Well, UCLA students are going ape-shit about this. But lets balance the equation a bit.

Bad Student:
He didn't have ID.
He refused to leave at first.
He refused to stand up and walk out.

Bad Cops:
They stopped him from leaving.
They tasered him at the first sign of trouble.
They threatened people asking for their names with tasering.

Bad Crowd:
Asking the cops for their names while they are trying to deal with a situtation (asking a cop for his name while he is tasering someone? shut the fuck up and ask after the situation is dealt with)

That makes it even, right? Here is a link to the UCLA student paper. Here is a link to the local news station's coverage which, I think does a better job.
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Local NC cops just LOVE to violate the Constitution

Refuse to hand over ID and you're under arrest

Let me once again repeat that I think protesters that burn/deface the American flag are dispicable (and it is possible that karma will get involved), but it is a constitutionally protected right. Well the Buncombe County Sheriff's office just doesn't accept that (or apparently the constitution). So here's the story:

A couple of homeowners hung the American flag upside-down and adorned it with a picture of the President. When asked to remove the flag by deputy Brian Scarborough (violating the first amendment), they did. When asked for their ID (violation of the 4th amendment), they refused and closed the door on the cop. After deputy Brian Scarborough broke down the door (violation of the 4th amendment) he proceded to arrest the husband for resisting arrest. Yet another wonderful example of back-water corrupt police that give good cops a bad name.
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How TO get your ass kicked by the police

Well...just tazed. Although I have liked to post pieces where some bad cops are shown to be in a bad light, this is a case that I think they were perfectly justified. A woman with a suspended license wouldn't get off her cell phone and step out of the car. So he tazed her.
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Just because you are a cop, doesn't mean you won't be harassed out of a job by cops

To Protect and Embibe

Kenneth Holtz, a 20 year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, was fired in 2006 for violating department rules and regulations regarding “respect among members” and “conduct reflecting adversely on the department or employee.” What did he do? He pulled over a fellow cop for drunk driving. So even the good cops hate the bad cops.
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Boston Police blow up suspicious looking man

Boston, MA – There were more tense moments today after Boston Police were forced to blow up a suspicious looking man near a lamp post.

An alert city worker called in the man after noticing that he had been leaning against the lamp post for more than ten minutes.

Entire Story.
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So there ARE quotas for traffic violations

Please blow into the breathalyzer

I found this article about how the cops over in PA get bonuses for writing tickets. Here is an excerpt:

Pennsylvania State Police documents show that not only is there a system of monetary reward and punishment for state troopers based upon numeric ticket goals, there is a clear effort to prevent anyone from ever speaking about it. The first rule of a ticket quota is: there is no ticket quota.

Read more.
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Don't expose Floridian Police shortcomings

Back in February, a CBS undercover report exposed the problems with trying to get a complaint form from many Floridian police stations. Well, now the reporter in charge of the investigation has his personal information posted on a police website with a "Be on the Lookout for" heading, as if he were now a criminal.

Hopefully my posting of this won't have them looking for me, Frank Iosue.
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Hopefully Michael and Karen will avoid Prince George's Hospital if they get sick in their new house...

Rent-a-cops. I hate Rent-a-cops TOO!
Joseph Wheeler was involved in a very serious car accident and woke up in Prince George's Hospital in UPPER MARLBORO, MD. He claims that when he asked for some food from the nurse, she told him he couldn't eat because of his upcoming surgery to remove a cancerous growth. Apparently they mis-identified him. When no explanation of this could convince the hospital, he attempted to leave.

The hospital rent-a-cops allegedly responded with EXTREME PREJUDICE! After his escape to a real hospital, he is suing Prince George's Hospital for $12.7 million.

Note - I can't find any other references to this story on the net so take it with a grain of salt. Generally, is a pretty reputable source.
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Do ALL cops think that videotaping them is disorderly conduct?


The unnamed Newark Police Officer was quoted as saying, "I can do whatEVER I want!"
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San Francisco police care more about parking tickets than stolen cars

Detective Lt. Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller are not impressed...

San Fransisco meter maids ticketed a stolen car 29 times before the owner of the car finally tracked down the car by herself. She found it two blocks from a police station. Angry about the loss of her parking ticket payments, police refused to search for the car thieves.
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Suspect beats a police officer with his own flashlight - accidentally falls down 30 flights of stairs on his face

Don't beat up a cop.

Police responded to a domestic violence call and attempted to arrest Jose and Jason Batista. They proceeded to attack the arresting officer and beat him with his own flashlight. After they were finally arrested, they must have fallen down a lot before they appeared at the court to face charges. Their family is claiming police brutality but if you are dumb enough to attack an officer with his flashlight, there is no such thing as police brutality.

He's lucky this was in NY and not Miami.
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If you're a white girl in a rental car...don't drive in Albany at night

I know where she must be hiding the drugs...

Poor Lisa Shutter was pulled over by Albany's finest because she " the profile" of a white girl in a rental car who was wanted for a drug related issue. Well after illegally searching her phone and her car, the officers then proceed to search, HER the middle of the street. As they were leaving, they told her she was lucky.

There were two cops involved in the alleged incident, Nick Abrams and Matthew Fargione(who's dad is a longtime friend of the police chief) but it isn't clear in the article who's finger it was that made Lisa so lucky.
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Informative Sign

Cops don't like this
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Mount Olive Police shoot dangerous Yellow Lab

Yeah...looks like a real killer

A unknown Mount Olive, NJ Police Officer shot a yellow lab twice with his shotgun because it was agressive. He didn't call Wayne County Animal Control. He ignored the pleas of the next door neighbor that the dog wouldn't hurt anyone. Just bang.

Calls to the Mount Olive Police Department asking for the name of the shooter weren't returned.
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Goodness Gracious!


Police in Australia were attacked with great balls of fire.
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Boston's Police/Civilian Review board - Too secret to publish its findings

We don't want to embarrass the officer who is guilty of police brutality.

It's been a while since Beantown has embarrassed itself but I had faith, and Boston came through. The oversight committee setup to review potential abuses of police authority in Boston is so shrowded in secrecy that the public isn't allowed to attend and no records of the meetings are kept. That's some great oversight-work, Lou!
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Thief held on $1,000,000 bond

Kentucky takes thievery seriously!

Judge Richard Bernat of Hamilton County Municipal Court in Kentucky ordered that bond for a theft from 18 years ago be upheld. The bond? $1,000,000. The theft? $20. Yeah, that's justice.

Maybe I should change Bad Cops to Bad Law? If I get a few more posts like this, I will.
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Crack police unit uncovers massive fraud in 2004 elections...fired right before 2008 elections

And it's not even Ohio

Apparently the release of a 67-page report exposing the massive amounts of fraud in Milwaukee didn't sit well with the big wigs of of the city. They recently informed Mike Sandvick, head of the Milwaukee Police Department's five-man Special Investigative Unit, not to send any police to the polling location, essentially ending the function of the group. Sandvick is retiring in protest.

Voter Fraud is treason.
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New Hampshire law allows anything confiscated by police to be kept

The NH Supreme Court recently ruled that if it appeared that items might be contraband, even if unproven in court, they will not be returned to the original owner.


"...the government can seize and keep a citizen’s property by simply asserting that it is contraband, even when the assertion is unsupported by the facts..."

Read more.
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North Carolina police flip-flop on Constitution violations

We were wrong but we'll say we can't win...

Remember last week's article about North Carolina deputy, Brian Scarborough, who violated a couple of Constitutional admendments by arresting a guy after he desecrated the US flag? Yeah well...blogs like mine and Fark and Digg and Boingboing exerted enough "social guilting" that they withdrew all charges. OR it could have been the fact that all their charges were derived from them violating the Constitution and the Supreme Court or something like that.
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Very interesting. No cops ANYWHERE like being video taped! What's up with that?


Add the Albuquerque Police Department to the list of PDs that don't like being video taped during arrests. Or even AFTER an arrest. Clearly the photographer should have taken the right turn when he got there.
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Philadelphia Police will arrest you for taking their picture

It's a good thing that I, Frances Iosue, don't work in Philadelphia. Otherwise, they might harass me for posting a link to this story of a UPenn student who was arrested for using his cell phone to photograph the police for arresting a drug dealer.
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Montreal Police fine student $600 for sitting on a ledge. The fact that he had just taken photos of them arresting someone is irrelevant.

You better not lay there, lady, or I will fine you.  Ok, have it your way...

After taking photos of Montreal police arresting someone, Brendan Colin Jones was fined $628 canadian dollars (which is now like $1000 US) for "improper use of city structures." What was he improperly using? The ledge in which he was sitting. So Montreal PD joins the long list of police departments that must be doing something bad when they arrest people because they HATE it when you photograph them doing it.
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In England, Hot Fuzz coppers raid bar looking for...drunks

Don't drink at a bar, if you know what's good for you...

Moseley Police raided a bar in Birmingham, England on the hot tip that there might be drunk people there. That's some mighty fine Police-work, Lou.
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Thai Police put on a happy face to calm victims motorists

See how happy they are?

Thai police are trying to break their scary image by wearing Smiley Face masks.
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Why Florida and Texas are better than England

Don't you dare protect your property

A man in England was arrested after HE called the police to come and get a teenager he caught attempting to break into his house. I was going to put a picture of Hufty up here but I decided that I have mentioned that event enough.
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Police in NC getting rid of non-profit red-light cameras

Safety my ass...they need to make us MONEY!

The North Carolina Supreme Court upheld a lower court's decision to divert 90% of the revenue from red-light cameras to local schools. Instead of keeping them to increase safety and benefit local education, many police departments are getting rid of them.
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Cop seen on video downing 5 shots and then killed two people in a car accident - not charged with DUI

I swear to drunk, I'm not god!

Officer John Ardelean, who killed two people while driving drunk immediately after being videotaped downing 5 shots, had all major charges dropped against him when Cook County Judge Don Panarese protected him from prosecution ruled that his blood alcohol content was inadmissible in court.

Shady Law beats out Bad Cops by a hair.
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German politician makes strange comparison of police IDs and Jewish stars

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